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AMRA is a pioneering arts company whose guiding force (Angie Amra Anderson) has a track record of over 40 years of producing award-winning dramatic productions, cultural-educational programmes, innumerable workshops and collaboration with some of the world's foremost performing artists. 

As you navigate around our site, please, see the variety of programs on offer, which includes Affirmation Drumming & Dance, African Performing Arts Workshops, Percussion for all types of performances and recordings, and we are excited to present an all-female African Drumming group for bespoke performances. We celebrate our culture, through the powerful art forms of our ancestors. Your support is welcome to build a lasting legacy.                                                                                                                                                             

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" Angie Amra Anderson is a powerhouse of creative arts.
Her knowledge of African Performing arts is second to none
and her ability to pass this on to other is simply the Best. I am a fan"

Jonathan Reed (Writer & Theatre Director)

" Amra has the outstanding ability to communicate the technical, cultural elements and sheer enjoyment of 

African arts" 

The Guardian Newspaper

Celebrating 50 Years in African Arts! 


Amra's Affirmation Drumming & Dance is a unique combination of African Performing Arts. 

A new approach to Ancient wisdom!

Affirmations and incantations bring powerful vibrations to your energy and it's FUN!

Check out the video and feel the power!!!

Black History Month Season -

October 2024 Bookings Now Available

Workshops 4 Schools
Storytelling, African Dance, Music & Song - BOOK NOW! Tel: 07860 734344

We provide performances, international masterclasses,workshops, lectures and tailored entertainment/edutainment for All ages.   We specialise in the arts and culture of African People, both traditional (classical) and contemporary.

Amra's Affirmation Drumming & Dance is a unique combination of African Performing Arts. New approach to Ancient wisdom! Affirmations and incantations bring powerful vibrations to your energy and it's FUN!

Angie Amra Anderson is fundraising for the first African Movement Rhythm Academy (AMRA) in the UK. We need a team to make this dream a reality. Contact us on 07860 734344 to see how you can help!
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