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Amra's Affirmation Drumming & Dance

Affirmation Drumming and Dance
participants will experience drum language and dance, to create a holistic performance heART expression. Advance drummers will be taught some of the more complexed 'drum language' to accompany the dances. 
Whether your a dancer, drummer, beginner or advance, there is something for everyone.
Fresh new format for the whole soul! 
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Angie Amra Anderson BA Music (Hons) - the `HEARTIST' is one of the UK's pioneering World performance artiste with over 40 years experience and is a very charismatic teacher. International trained at renowned institutions such as

The Institute of African Studies, Legon, Ghana, Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, The Jamaica School of Dance in Jamaica and masterclasses in Cuba and Haiti.
Now, seasoned with powerful beliefs in AFFIRMATIONS and action, she has branded a new workshop to DRUM in your AFFIRMATIONS to create positive changes in your life. This dynamic combination of a drumming, drum language and dance workshop plus powerful affirmations brings a release of motivational energy and its fun!


AMRA's AFFIRMATION DRUMMING is for all those who loves rhythm. 
The DNA of ALL Music, Dance & Song

For complete beginners, intermediates and advance practitioners. AMRA'S AFFIRMATION DRUMMING AND DANCE is a unique combination of African Performing Arts. A new approach to Ancient wisdom! Affirmations and incantations bring powerful vibrations to your energy and it's FUN!

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