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Working Together to Inspire, Excite & Engage!


Culture helps to make us strong. Making the most of that fact is what we do at  AMRA & BUSINESS

Leveraging business and the arts to transform individuals, organisations and society is possible. We show you how.


The arts and business have always occupied the same space. The problem is that most of us have become so accustomed to separating them. We prefer to see the relationship between the arts and business as an exchange. While some practitioners still bulk at the mention of the word “business” and elements with the business world consider the arts “unprofitable” and therefore unworthy, the truth is far removed from these extremes.


We are a leading catalyst for the creation of dynamic partnerships across the arts and business sectors. We aim to strengthen the economic and cultural vitality of each. What this means is whether you are an artist or business practitioner we can serve you. 


Through a portfolio of high impact cultural events, creative workshops, and focused business and leadership seminars we bring the potential of the arts as business and business of arts to life. Crafting stand-alone business events with an arts flavour that allow you to energise your workforce.


Whether you’re interested in a skills improvement seminar, global marketing strategy, leadership workshop, professional performance, or community festival, you’ll be amazed how business and arts come together - economically.



"We bring the potential of arts to business
and the business of arts to life"      



  • Fostering creativity in the workplace and stimulating corporate citizenship in the community.

  • Promotng, within the private sector, the major contributions of arts and culture in making your organisation or community the best place to work, live and help grow.

  • Helping to broaden the reach of your audience or marketing campaign

  • Developing the creativity, leadership abilities and management expertise of participants of various backgrounds.

  • Fostering a more inclusive and creative understanding of the arts business by bringing people together from differing backgrounds to collaborate and share experiences.

  • Developing the next generation of leaders in the arts and business through knowledge sharing and strategic partnerships.



Tel: +44 (0) 7860 734 344



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