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September 30, 2019

Workshops offered include African Drumming, African Storytelling, African Dance and our most popular Combined African Performing Arts Workshops for all ages. 


We bring the potential of arts to business and the business of arts to life      


The Drum, Voice and Movement is the fundemental art forms utilised in sessions.

Culture helps to make us strong. Making the most of that fact is what we do at  AMRA& BUSINESS

Leveraging business and the arts to transform individuals, organisations and society is possible.

We show you how...


Amra's Affirmation Drumming & Dance

Affirmation Drumming and Dance participants will experience drum language and dance, to create a holistic performance heART expression.


Advance drummers will be taught some of the more complexed 'drum language' to accompany the dances. 
Whether your a dancer, drummer, beginner or advance, there is something for everyone. Fresh new format for the whole soul...


AMRA in Education is committed to the promotion of cultural arts and education through the media of dance, song, music, drama, dance-drama, storytelling, poetry and visual arts.


All workshops are caring and non-confrontational, bound up with the creative and the artistic nature of the individual at the one end and at the other the rich cultural diversity of a multi-faceted society housing an array of experiences, cultures and aspirations.


African Rhythm Therapy (ART)

Music therapy has rooted its reputation based on the therapeutic properties of sound.  The DRUM has been around for centuries and research has shown that the vibrations connects to the bio-rhythms of the body. 


"The Drum is one of Humankinds first musical instruments,

and it is still used by indigenous people all over the planet...

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